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Literature Discussion Group

Welcome to the webpage of the DC Literature Discussion Group

OVERVIEW of the group:

We're interested in reading and discussing classic and contemporary fiction and poetry from cultures around the world.  

Please join us for any meeting that interests you. This is not the kind of group where you are expected to attend every meeting, but an open group: attend whenever you have the time or interest. We are always glad to see newcomers.

And be assured that you do not have to have any special knowledge of literature to attend, just an interest. This is a group for anyone who'd like to read some interesting poems, stories, novels or plays, and have a good time later discussing them with others.

Meetings are announced in regular e-mails sent to those on the mailing list. For our weekday evening meetings, I typically post the reading on this site (if it's available - i.e., short and not protected by copyright) -- so it will be quickly and easily available to everyone.

If you have questions or would like to be added to the mailing list, please send a message to 2wheels4books at (Of course you'll need to replace the dashes with the letters "ail".)